How To Make Homemade Sushi


Sushi rice is very common in the restaurant and a common dish at parties as well. You can save your money and time both making Sushi at home. I have enlisted the easiest ways to make homemade Sushi at home. Just follow the steps one by one and apply. Don’t panic. Go slowly. The harsh reality is that you may not make Sushi as an expert. Practice will make you perfect.

Necessary ingredients: You have to arrange several ingredients to make Sushi rice such as Sushi rice, bamboo mat, plastic wrap, soy sauce, chili sauce, wasabi, and so on.

Arrange other ingredients: To add taste to the recipe, you can add vegetables like cucumber, avocado, green onion, red onion, lettuce, radish, and so on. Next, you can add tuna fish and meat too. Fruits also enhance the taste of the recipe.

Cook the rich: First, you have to cook the Sushi rice. Cooking this rice is just like ordinary rice. Here, you have to pay special attention to the rice to make it tasty. Take a suitable amount of Sushi rice in a bowl. Wash the rice with fresh water. You can use boiled water to have extra results. Warm water will help you to wash out the tiny dust from rice. Take a kettle to cook the rice. Place the kettle on the burner. Pour the rice into the kettle with water. Make sure you have added a suitable amount of water to the kettle. Cover the kettle and wait for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, turn off the burner and cover the dish again. Wait for 20 minutes more so that the rice is cooked perfectly.

Prepare the rich with vinegar: Check out the rice with your hands. If the rice is cooked properly, then add vinegar to the rice. Remember, vinegar is the main ingredient of Sushi rice. This stage is important because you have to choose vinegar and quantity. You can use several kinds of vinegar in this case. White vinegar is the best option in this recipe. Next, you can get rice vinegar in the local market. On the other hand, apple cider vinegar can be a perfect choice for the recipe. Start with ½ cup of vinegar so that you can add more vinegar later if needed. Don’t put in too much vinegar the first time.

Prepare other ingredients: You should prepare these ingredients earlier before cooking the rice. If you have vegetables, fruits, fish, and meat, you have to prepare them accordingly. Vegetables are the primary choice for this recipe. Without vegetables, you may not get the taste that you wanted. Cut the vegetables into tiny pieces so that you can make the roll easily. If the pieces are large, you may not adjust the pieces in the roll. Cut other ingredients too like fruits, fish, and meat. After cutting the ingredients, cook them separately. You must cook them before putting them into the roll.

Place the bamboo mat: It’s time to place the bamboo mat. Before placing the bamboo mat, arrange a table that you can use to serve the Sushi rice. Gather all the ingredients that you have prepared for the Sushi rice. Take plastic too so that the rice does not get attached to the mat. This is the most amazing stage when you place the mat for the final step.

Lay the seaweed: Lay the seaweed over the bamboo mat. The seaweed should be flat and able to carry out a load of small rolls. You will get the seaweed with different tastes that you can select according to your choice.

Fill up the mat with the ingredients: Start with the rice. Spread the sushi rice on the mat flat. Take a little amount of rice to spread there. Then, add other cooked ingredients like vegetables, fruits, and fish or meat. Don’t overload. Too much load on the mat will hamper the roll-up process. Put the ingredients carefully.

Roll up: Roll up the bamboo mat with a little bit of squeeze. Squeeze the mate slowly so that the roll-up goes tight. Now, you should be ready for the serving.




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Reader. Thinker. Writer.

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