How To Make Cheese At Home

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Cheese is very common in our regular dishes. You will hardly find a person who doesn’t like cheese. We are so used to eating cheese from local markets made by reputed brands. When you have a shortage of cheese at your home and don’t want to go outside, then what to do. Don’t worry. You can make cheese at home easily. The following way is my favorite that I follow to make cheese at my home with my home ingredients. Follow the instructions below eventually so that you can make cheese completely for the very first time.

Arrange the ingredients and staff: First, you have to arrange a bundle of things to make cheese. Although you will find the staff in your kitchen easily, you should arrange for them to make the work easier. You need some staff like a bowl of steel, spoon, cooker or burner, water, strainer, cloth, and a freeze. Now, you have to arrange some ingredients as the raw materials of the cheese-like milk, vinegar, salt, and so on.

After arranging the ingredients in your kitchen, follow the next step.

Heat the milk: Here, you have to prepare the milk first. Choose raw milk to generate a perfect amount of cheese. If you have stored milk in the refrigerator, then you can use it too. In this case, you may not get a good flavor. I prefer to use raw milk to ensure the flavor and volume of cheese. Pour the right volume of milk into a bowl. You can add a little bit of water with the milk to lighten the density of the milk. Place the bowl on the burner and start heating. Make sure you have customized the heating level. The burner should bowl the milk in a suitable heat. You can mix the milk with a spoon although it’s not necessary. Heat the milk for 15 to 20 minutes.

Add vinegar to the milk: When the milk becomes deep, add some vinegar to the bowl. Before adding vinegar, you have to choose the right vinegar for your cheese. The taste and flavor depend on the vinegar. You can add either apple cider vinegar or white vinegar. Make sure you have chosen the right brand and amount of vinegar. This vinegar will freeze the milk into a hard shape. Add ½ cup of vinegar into the bowl. After adding the vinegar to the bowl, you mix up the milk with a spoon. Run the spoon on the bowl smoothly. The hardness of the cheese will depend on that mixture. You will see the milk is becoming hard leaving water.

Drain the mixture: Take the strainer to drain the water from the cheese. When you see the milk with vinegar is processed completely, then drain out the water for the final step. Place the strainer in the basin and pour the milk on the strainer slowly. You will see the first look of the cheese on your hand. Try to make the pieces of cheese longer so that you can have a rubbery feeling. Now, it is time to follow the next step.

Add a flavor: You are going to finish the process by just completing this stage. Here, you can add the flavor of the cheese. The flavor depends on your choice. I personally like the salty taste in the cheese. You can add any flavor to the homemade cheese regarding your choice and availability. Start with 2 spoons of the salt flavor. This amount may vary for different flavors. This part is the most enjoyable part of the entire process. Remember, too much flavor will ruin the whole procedure and time. Try to add flavor in a little amount so that you can add later if needed. Once you have mixed the flavor, you can’t separate the bitterness anymore.

Follow up: After adding the flavor, pour the raw cheese into a cloth. Don’t put the raw cheese in the freeze immediately. After one or two hours, you can put the complete cheese in the refrigerator.




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Reader. Thinker. Writer.

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