How is beard oil different from regular hair oil?

Image: Grooming Hut

If you are growing a beard very recently, then you must want a healthy & shiny beard. For this, you may feel the need to nourish your beard. There is nothing better than oil for a newly growing beard, as oil makes your beard soft, shiny & healthy.

To decide this, you have to know how beard oil is different from regular hair oil as all the questions that are playing in your mind will get answers from here.

You may think both oils are for hair nourishment, care & moisturizing. They both do the same job.

Reasons to use separate beard oils:

• This is true that beard oil & hair oil both

• Nourishes your hair.

• Hydrate your hair by locking the moisture inside.

• Keep dandruff away.

• Takes care of the skin beneath the hair.

• Gives your hair a smooth & shiny texture.

But the fact you can’t deny is that the skin of your head & the skin beneath your beard is different.

• Scalp is more tough & rough than any other skin of your body.

• Scalp tends to sweat more than the skin beneath your beard.

• Moreover, the scalp gets dirty faster than the skin beneath the beard.

So keep in mind that hair oils such as coconut oil, avocado oil, or castor oil are made to give good support to your scalp. But the beard oils are made differently depending on your skin type. Like if you have oily skin, you can choose the one that absorbs oil faster & if you have dry skin, you can choose the one that is thicker.

In the case of acne problems, you may need a different type of beard oil suggested by your doctor. Otherwise, hair oils attract dirt faster, so your beard can get dirty quickly if you apply hair oil on your beard.

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