Do you prefer muffins or cupcakes?

Image: Pexels

I always prefer sweet juicy, delicious cupcakes. Not even me. Most people love cupcakes more than other deserts. Yes, there is some reason why people are fond of cupcakes. Let’s get to know that reason at a glance:

  • Cupcake is a thing that can be easily matched with any occasion.
  • You can share it with many people I mean, and this is shareable.
  • Cupcakes are built-in portion control.
  • It can be gifted to your loving ones.
  • The preparation method of the cupcake is straightforward. Anyone can make it with a few ingredients.
  • Cupcakes are light and not very rich food. You can take it as your tiffin and in the breakfast with a cup of coffee.
  • You can also use cupcakes as your birthday cake, but there is a thing related to birthday cake if it leaves someone responsible for cutting the cake into pieces and giving everyone.

This is very tough and a waste of time if you use cupcakes as an instant birthday cake, you Don’t need to give the pieces of cake one by one. Everyone can get their own by themselves. And preparing cupcakes is easier than other cakes or desserts.

Muffins are not that healthy. It is most likely to use wholesome ingredients such as whole wheat, oat, and nut flour, and we know those ingredients are more gluten dairy which is not healthy at all. So, people mostly like cupcakes than muffins.

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